The war in Ukraine has demonstrated the West’s Double Standards on Refugees

John Howard Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison didn’t have any sympathy let alone empathy for refugees and all used and politicized their difference from us. Scott Morrison was always know to be enthusiastic about the tactic of using Middle Easterners as political tools after the Cronulla riots. He still does holding innocent people for over 9 years “using them” as a deterrant rather than accepting the tragedy of their circumstance.

There are no benefits or advantages in war — any war — because it is always the poor, the innocent and the weak who pay the biggest price. However, war gives us the opportunity to study history, current affairs and future possibilities. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has, in just a few days, taught us some important lessons about how the West really views Arabs, Muslims and other Middle Easterners, including Arab Christians. It should also have taught us that it is necessary to sympathise with the victims, regardless of their race, gender or religion, while not forgetting our own victims, whether the guardians of the “universal values” myth like it or not.

Source: The war in Ukraine has demonstrated the West’s Double Standards on Refugees

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