Vladimir Putin makes renewable energy security an urgent no-brainer

renewable energy

At a time like this Morrison bought and stored our emergency oil deposits in Texas and said renewables aren’t his priority. Meanwhile families are paying for his lack of forward planning and action. A tank that cost $80 is now nearing $160. He should have his photo taken next to a bowser!!

1.7 million barrels of oil, purchased last year, is stored in Texas while we now scramble to build more domestic storage, and this comes after years of the International Energy Agency warning us that our stocks had fallen below safe levels. It took the Coalition government well into its third term to find a solution that depends on tanker availability to deliver our stocks from America during an international crisis. The extent of our oil dependence is enormous. It costs $29 billion in annual imports to keep Australia moving and yet we have readily available an abundance of renewable energy sources in solar, wind and hydro. The Coalition government not only dragged the chain on fossil fuel security, but its decade-and-a-half-old internal power struggles over climate change has been a major obstacle to implementing a speedier transition to electric transport. Who can forget Scott Morrison ridiculing electric vehicles in the 2019 election campaign?

Source: Vladimir Putin makes renewable energy security an urgent no-brainer

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