Minerals and petroleum lobbies are not taxpayers (but guess who subsidises them?) – Michael West Media

Morrison has no interest in hard Economics and Murdoch media certainly don’t pay attention to the harsh realities. Between them they have reduced politics to Culture wars. Currently Transgender children in Sport is Morrison’s issue when not a single transgender person has won a medal in the Olympics. Or any child run away with all the medals up for grabs, ruined any sporting event, or is in danger of doing so. However, as always Morrison loves fuelling politicizing bigotry and steering away from the material and econimic realities of our  world. He believes  in holding onto the minority of racists, ethnic, religious, cultural, and anti-welfare bigots and to have them put on their pillow-case hoods and swing his way even if he doesn’t help their hip pockets. Fuelling emotions is a distraction from economic reality mismanaged.

It’s a phenomenon more commonly attributed to ”banana republics”. Our government is helping the resources lobby even as it works against the interests of the nation and the planet. Stephanie Tran examines the influence of energy lobby giants as they intensify efforts to delay Australia’s embrace of clean energy.

Source: Minerals and petroleum lobbies are not taxpayers (but guess who subsidises them?) – Michael West Media

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