One of the most disgraceful hours in Fox News history | Media Matters for America

trump ingraham invasion 2/23/22

Murdoch has become the new Russian State Media in America. As Putin physically trolls into the Ukraine Fox News turns to Putin’s Manchurian Candidate, Donald J Trump, to praise him while mocking Ukraine Predident and Biden rather than addressing any facts. They are revising and trying to obliterate Ukraine’s history. What is more they shamelessly promoting Russia and making American citizens pay for the largest cable propaganda organization in the country. Pay via government subsidies and not just those who subscribe to them. Yes, Murdoch’s Carlson Ingraham and other anchors all give Donald J Trump time despite the fact he left the White House with highly confidential records and shredded others. Records if she or anyone else had taken,or found  in their possession would have been charged with treason, and tried behind closed doors. Fox News is the new RT and Pravda in America.

Fox is so busy trying to blame President Joe Biden for the war and its consequences that they’re skipping right over telling their audience how said war is happening. Fox cannot be trusted with the news. In just the recent past, we’ve seen the network embrace COVID/vaccine lies, election lies, and now propaganda in the place of covering war. Even worse, we’re all paying for this – literally. Fox is overwhelmingly funded by cable subscription fees paid by millions of Americans who never watch Fox. And while cable companies can, for now, foist that cost on the American people, they can at least spare us the bullshit of putting Fox in their news category. That’s perhaps the biggest lie of them all.

Source: One of the most disgraceful hours in Fox News history | Media Matters for America

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