Financial abuse costs Australia over $10 billion

Financial abuse

the L-NP, Morrison and Frydenberg, have allowed Australia to slide down the Heritage Foundation’s International corruption ladder to its lowest ever recorded score of 77.7 from 13th to 18th and going down. Any wonder they are terrified of an independent ICAC.

“Little is discussed about financial abuse in Australian society,” Deloitte behavioural economist Wing Hsieh told AAP. “The challenges of domestic and family violence have been very much at the forefront of people’s minds and particularly so in recent years.” But the specific financial abuse that often leads up to it, while related, is often not discussed. More than 400,000 women and about 200,000 men suffer financial abuse, and the cumulative impact of people being prevented from working themselves and those who later need support from government and social services costs the economy and individuals experiencing abuse more than $10 billion a year.

Source: Financial abuse costs Australia over $10 billion