Pauline Hanson v the gas giants: who would have thought? – Michael West Media

Pauline Hanson

Elections bring on desperate changes and sometimes common sense is an accidental outcome.

So, if you want action against major gas companies controlling Australian politicians, a red-hot climate denier may still be worth some attention.

Hanson went so far as to propose a government-owned enterprise instead of paying private companies to do the same job. “If we’re going to pay $2.3 billion to secure Australia’s fuel supply, the government should buy the Brisbane refinery in Lytton and let it become an asset owned by the Commonwealth.” Hanson continually references Norway’s Sovereign Health Fund having “struck the right chord for its citizens, earning $1.5 trillion from its commodities.” “Australia, on the other hand, last year took a measly $300 million in direct payments for $50 billion worth of gas off the North West Shelf” while “the tiny nation of Qatar has a different approach. It receives around $26 billion in royalties on the gas it exports.” Qatar trades slightly less gas and hydrocarbon products than Australia.

Source: Pauline Hanson v the gas giants: who would have thought? – Michael West Media

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