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Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison attempting welding during a trip to the Northern Territory last week. Image via 7 News Australia / YouTube

OOPS! The ” Idiot PM” got it wrong again 1) Blinded by the light 2) The State L-NP stopped the trains  not the unions Scumo.

Morrison was quick to jump into the fray this morning, as the NSW government attempted to point the finger at the Rail, Tram and Bus Union for network suspensions that, it soon became apparent, the state government itself had ordered following a breakdown in negotiations. Reports soon began to emerge that it was the government agency, Transport for NSW, that had called off services at around midnight last night, throwing morning commutes into chaos, while union reps made it clear that workers had shown up for their shifts, many in the early hours of the morning. (The best justification the premier could offer for the aggressive shutdown was that it wouldn’t have been “safe” to run the trains.) But that didn’t stop the PM weighing in, echoing several of the outrageous comments made by Coalition figures throughout the day

Source: Tool time | The Monthly

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