Paul Bongiorno: Hardball politics exposes a defenceless scare campaign

Scott Morrion's China rhetoric

Morrison is a powerless parrot barking and  has made Australia a standing joke in front of 1.3B Chinese people but to the rest of the world. After all, he and the LNP leased the port of Darwin to China and proudly signed CHAFTA delivering a speech of absolute praise. We knew of China’s complaints back then about the Murdoch Press. They were clear and valid but do we actually know what Morrison’s complaints about China are today? They seem to be what Morrison says his bestie in 2019 XI is doing in 2022. Xi seems to be watching, telling Morrison to get a grip and calm down. Bring back China Sam Dastyari knows!!

Scott Morrison’s ramping up of a scare campaign against Labor’s Anthony Albanese has shone a laser-like focus on just how defenceless Australia is against any military threat China might pose. To listen to the Prime Minister, you would think it is in Australia’s power to force an explanation from China about an alleged laser attack on a RAAF surveillance aircraft in the Arafura Sea to our immediate north on Thursday. Three days later, Beijing has rejected Australia’s claims, demanding Canberra stop its “groundless accusations” against them.

Source: Paul Bongiorno: Hardball politics exposes a defenceless scare campaign