Scott Morrison takes a major political risk. We’ll soon find out of it pays off

Morrison the ad-man with no real political ideas other than to win. None on how to move a Nation forward but back, “Back to the Future” and channel Menzies. No surprise he’s finding high profile figures and supporters telling him to ” “Shuduppa his a Face”

It did not take long for the nation’s national security establishment to correct the record. In two extraordinary interventions the nation’s current spy boss, Mike Burgess, and one of Australia’s most respected ever public servants, Dennis Richardson, both accused the government of seeking to politicise national security at a cost to the national interest. ( Along with Twiggy Forrest who told him to stop )

The result was a perceptible drop in tempo.  Mr Morrison used the office of the Prime Minister of Australia to take a risk this week. His charged rhetoric about Australia’s largest trading partner (CHINA) risks exposing him to a public perception of a leader prepared to burn the house down for political advantage.

But has it paid off, by the cynical standards of political tactics? Being so reprimanded by authoritative voices on overstepping the bounds on national security has not burnished Mr Morrison’s prime ministerial image.

Source: Scott Morrison takes a major political risk. We’ll soon find out of it pays off

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