Coalition faces the final curtain

NZ sacked him, The Australian LNP Government sacked him, Gunna Morrison sure didn’t shine then and he hasn’t changed now!!

WITH THE L-NP TERM nearly over, receiving terrible reviews and slammed by critics for lack of policy, plot, character and action, the Morrison Government is floundering in the polls. Star player, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is already being mooted as “the worst PM ever”.

Backstage, it’s a mess. Infighting has surfaced, Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce is eating his own words and a new faction has formed supplanting “the big swinging dicks” — they call themselves “the wee chamber-pot men”. Unsurprisingly, lead women in the Coalition are keeping quiet or running for cover.

“No comment”, “it wasn’t me”, “I don’t accept the premise of your question” or “I’ve never known Scotty to lie” are the only lines being issued by the PMO. Things are so dysfunctional that bagging China is the only way to get a solid “Hear! Hear!” of approval from the back bench. Yet, the “troupes” are no longer keen to man the turrets.

Source: Coalition faces the final curtain

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