Far-Right Groups Are Funding Canada’s “Freedom Convoy”

Demonstrators march to support the Trucker Convoy protesting Covid-19 mandates, in Montreal on February 12, 2022. - Mandate protests and support for the truckers in Canada have spread from Ottawa. to Windsor to Montreal, and Toronto. (Photo by Andrej Ivanov / AFP) (Photo by ANDREJ IVANOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Whose funding the Oath Keepers? What are the odds it’s Putin or his supporters? Let’s face it he has Fox News onside promoting him as the better leader of a fairer society run by Oligarchs. The fact is 98% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated and their unions don’t support this armed rabble who are using their children as shields. Murdoch Media however, does and Russian lover Tucker Carlson certainly leads the cheering. If Fox News are simply doing it for ratings then it’s an indictment on how low American corporate media has sunk from real news to fake.

The Intercept obtained the hacked donor data of GiveSendGo, including roughly 104,000 donors who contributed $9.6 million to “Freedom Convoy 2022” and “Adopt a Trucker.”

Source: Far-Right Groups Are Funding Canada’s “Freedom Convoy”

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