For years Andrew Bolt turned to Roy Spencer a renowned Meteorologist  to tell us the planet was Cooling. That eventually changed to “it’s not warming as fast as Climate Science is saying or predicting” If you take that single year 1998 as ground zero you get a false impression from the 30year average. Even Andrew Bolt was forced to change his tune denying he ever said the planet was cooling. Science has moved on and left Spencer and Bolt in it’s wake as has the global media except for Murdoch media, Andrew Bolt and the likes of Roy Spencer. Yet again he’s been provided the platform by Andrew Bolt for a reunion.

However, this time it’s about money and not really anything new about climate science. It’s about how Google has “victimised” Spencer. If you Google Roy Spencer he’s all over Google like sunburn is after a 36 degree day lying naked in the sun. He’s neither a victim nor been cancelled. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find any arguments against him. He’s been forgotten!! Being demonetized just means he’s dropped below Google’s threshold for payment. Well. it’s long after his hey day and the attention he got in the years after 1998 are over. Furthermore the attention Bolt tried to grab for himself as a contrarian are over too. They are both obviously cooling while the planet is not. Andrew  Bolt back in the day was promoted as an “expert” back then when the IPA published a book of “false facts”. Today they too have been demonetized and am sure nobody is buying or paying attention to the book.

Yes, Andrew Bolt and Roy Spencer are reliving their gory days of undeserved attention. The graph above makes no reference to the 10 hottest years on record and those being in the last decade. Besides Bolt and Spencer pay absolutely no attention to any data or the average after 1998. Spencer says he’s been treated like a “Liberal Arts Major” and not as a scientist. Well he is standing with Andrew Bolt who is less than one and  has no “Major” at all other than contrarian.

Andrew Bolt doesn’t invite any scientists that have argued against what was once the Christie and Spencer show. Christie left. The only people Bolt invites to trumpet their ideas on Climate Science tend to be unqualified anti-science sceptics on along with a sprinkling of scientists are are generally not experts in the field but are monetised and associated with well known wealthy organizations like the Koch Bros andthe Heartland Foundation that argue against warming, News Corp also being one.

Still the very fact that today Industry, Banks, and Investors around the world have all turned against man made CO2 emmissions found to be the major cause of global warming speaks to the fact that Andrew Bolt and Roy Spencer were simply talking to themselves.

Social media giants are increasingly censoring debate – and now Google is punishing one of the world’s top climate experts. Professor Roy Spencer runs one of the five big measurements of world temperature, some say the most authoritative, at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. His work has been widely cited in the scientific literature and has won him the American Meteorological Society’s Special Award.