We need to cut Carbon, not fall for the Scam of Trying to Capture it

Morrison Government is ready to throw money at Carbon Capture, or any technology that might delay the process of transition but not accelerate it to clean energy. Rather to a politicized position of a slightly “cleaner energy”, will do. Then promote and have that heralded as the LNP’s great. With a focus on gas and technologies widely spread rather than a concentration on what we already know works delay has become their goal. A delay for donations their preference.

For both types of capture to achieve their stated purpose, the additional energy used must not emit any carbon — it must come from renewable energy sources. If it weren’t being used here, this zero-carbon energy could otherwise be used to directly meet our energy needs, making carbon capture technology inefficient and highly expensive.

Source: We need to cut Carbon, not fall for the Scam of Trying to Capture it

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