Government defends pork barrel allegations

coalition pork barrel

Morrison admits he doesn’t “govern” for all Australians when he says the LNP are” better represented” when applying for grants. After all, 50% of Australia didn’t vote for him their “needs ” obviously have little or nothing to do with the grants given out. He agrees only politics does. So,his pork-barrelling is quite ok and he’s the better politician because of it. How much a Dervish can he get?

Birmingham claims the LNP supports disability but  only regional areas areas is would seem. He says that despite the fact we know that the current LNP program is to cut the NDIS. Data is data and neither Morrison or Birmingham put up a convincing argument that bribing electorates enhances Democracy , or that they are working for all Australians. When will these pricks stop normalising gaslighting? The biggest distribution of welfare has been Corporate, it’s been direct, and shit, given the increased income and wealth gaps these past 8 years we know how well that’s worked. As a consequence the money comes flowing back by way of donations x5 times that of the opposition and that’s just what is visible. Is it any wonder Andrew Robb quit politics for a $1M pay packet or the many others that are now well paid lobbyists for major industries? Or that Barnaby gets a massive personal cheque from Gina or Abbott’s daughter a scholarship?

Senator Birmingham also pointed to other grant programs that provided strong support to Labor electorates, such as disability support.Prime Minister Scott Morrison put the discrepancies between Labor and Liberal electorates – including Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s inner Brisbane seat receiving almost 50 times more than its Labor-held neighbour – to Coalition seats having good local members.

Source: Government defends pork barrel allegations