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Put it another way. The very things the Labor party represents and supports Multiculturalism, Individual decent living conditions, Freedom, and Democracy are the very qualities that tie its arm behind its back. It’s why the US Democrats and Labor in the UK, aren’t the parties of extremes but centerist. In a Democracy, major parties should be prepared to lose and currently Labor seems to be the only party that accepts that. It’s why they aren’t the party fighting to divide and fragment the nation. The LNP on the other hand promote culture wars aren’t anti Independents who are divisive, forced into transactional arrangements to form unstable coalitions and we’ve seen just how that’s worked for the LNP. The ALP haven’t joined One Nation, Clive Palmer’s AUP and any other stand alone Independant.

Unfortunately, divide and conquer is the historic truism that’s lead many Dictators and would be autocrats to pyrrhic and short lived victories in the past. Their politics tends to appeal to emotions, religious beliefs and culture rather than logic and rationality drawn from the data collected our material existense. An educated Australia or electorate isn’t in their interests.

To put it in a broader context, the independent lovefest comes down to a reassertion of the fact that the Labor Party is not accepted as fully legitimate. Decades of neoliberalism have undermined its ability to project a vision of the national interest that is equally valid as that of the corporate/politically conservative interests in Australia, where those interests include the media. Labor always fights with one hand tied behind its back – and until they prove otherwise, the independent candidates are simply another manifestation of anti Labor sentiment. What we really need is to do whatever it takes to elect a majority Labor government that will actually do something about the challenges we face.

Source: Independents are not the answer to our problems – » The Australian Independent Media Network