Fact checking Frydenberg’s flood of furphies and fabrications

The LNP are outright liars so why doesn’t the MSM challenge them? If you sit down with a liar and accept their lies you are a liar even if you just want their business and profit. 3AW, 2GB, are LNP boosters that’s why the LNP are only too happy to sit and answer their softball questions. However should anyone want truth and to test what’s being said they’re boycotted and accused of bias.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is ramping up the falsehoods as an election looms, writes Alan Austin. VETERAN MELBOURNE RADIO presenter Neil Mitchell asked Treasurer Josh Frydenberg point blank last Thursday if he had ever told a lie. Frydenberg immediately said “no” and Mitchell accepted this without challenge. Perhaps Mitchell hasn’t read any of the articles chronicling the multiple falsehoods. Or perhaps he has, but believes dishonesty and deception are essential for the Coalition to be re-elected.

Source: Fact checking Frydenberg’s flood of furphies and fabrications