Lies, damn lies and economics – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Simply take the money out of politics and you’ll get more Democracy. After all, Palmer is wealthy, an Independent whose money shouldn’t be his advantage over your’s or my vote. Surely same applies to the members of the LNP. But with private media waiting for a return on their 3 year investment. Their business model dictates they perform for the money which flows from the top down. The ABC’s charter and reason for being an Independant Statuary Body is to question all forms of power no matter the wealth. Why is it the LNP sees them as their enemy?

There is no place for “Blind Trust” yet Porter exhonerated by the privileges committee and he was declared innocent of any wrong doing. Isn’t a fundamental principle in law that “ignorance is no excuse”, but it seems power is?  Despite his ignorance Porter went ahead and used that Blind Trust money. Our prisons are filled with the powerless innocent despite their claims of ignorance.

Arguably, the Gillard Government that relied on the support of the trio of Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor was the most effective government Australia has had in the past 50 years. The reason is simple – to survive the government of the day had to actively listen to the concerns, aspirations and ideas of people ‘outside the ALP tent’. Gillard and current Opposition Leader Albanese (who was Leader of the House) did so, which is to their eternal credit.

Source: Lies, damn lies and economics – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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