Morrison matches Labor’s 2013 carbon price

Morrison matches Labor’s 2013 carbon price

Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor – sitting atop the party that destroyed Julia Gillard’s carbon tax in 2013 and Bill Shorten’s climate plan in 2019 – have done the unthinkable. For the first time, they have acknowledged Australia cannot and will not get to net zero by 2050 without a carbon price of some form. The stunning and politically explosive concession, which is embedded in modelling released without fanfare last Friday afternoon of the government’s long-term emissions reduction plan, reveals every household may need to pay a carbon price equivalent of more than $1400 a year. That’s because the full reduction in net emissions by 2050 that Morrison and Taylor promised the world at this month’s UN climate summit in Glasgow requires a carbon price of $80 a tonne, according to the model. Clearly, for the Coalition, such a price is completely politically untenable. Which is why the government’s plan is modelled on a far less threatening price of $24 a tonne. The irony? Gillard’s short-lived carbon price – before Tony Abbott’s government legislated to abolish it – began at $23 a tonne.

Source: Morrison matches Labor’s 2013 carbon price