The Liberals Are Planning To Ban Cancel Culture! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Not just Culture but the systems and foundations that support it. They want to change The ABC Education, History, Voting, Democracy and who will rule Australia and it’s not the people.

Although once public figures were also pretty reluctant to use defamation proceedings on the grounds that they might amplify what would others only be heard by a handful of people. And politicians rarely did, partly because of the same reason, and partly because parliamentary privilege meant that it seemed unfair that they could defame people without legal consequence, so it might seem a bit unfair to the average voter. Now, we have the Minister for War (is that defamatory, whoops!) telling us that there should be a fund for politicians to use taxpayer money to sue people saying nasty things like they’re unfit for office. I presume this means that any successful prosecution would be paid back to the taxpayer, given that we stumped up the money in the first place. Although, when I think about it, that would mean that any. newspaper editor, businessperson or lawyer setting up a blind trust to pay for a politician’s legal costs would get the money if they’re defamation case was successful. Free speech should never be stifled, unless you have a really good lawyer.

Source: The Liberals Are Planning To Ban Cancel Culture! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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