Britney Spears’ conservatorship terminated

Jamie Spears and his daughter Britney.

A single case of Private Conservatorship may have been won in the US. The necessity of “arms-length” administration of such trusts in Australia may have been originally for the protection of Brittanies here but they too often end up trapping many unfortunate Australians in the clutches of the Public Trustees and other 3rd parties from which they can’t escape. Often the circumstances no longer apply to those whose trusts were bequeathed into 3rd party administrative charge. Public Trustees have been allowed to become a law unto their own, self-governing, profit-taking corporations against which people have no redress. In many cases control has been handed to them by the state or simply bequeathed by dead in an effort to control from the grave. What may have appeared to be a reasonable course of action once is over time no longer reasonable and rarely heard of.

It’s about time these organizations were revisited and subjected to close examination. To check the numbers of people, threatened, mistreated, charged, prosecuted, and whose funds they have mismanaged without consequence. What began as a post-war service  of care after WW1 has now grown into silent private administering mega-corporations harvesting exhorbitant profits rather than taking simple reasonable fees for service. Profit has become their primary reason for being and not care. Where reasonable fees for service no longer apply and trusts are diminished and the beneficiaries stressed. There are no heroic Brittany tales to be found or reported there. No tales told of escape from this corporate conservatorship are ever told. Isn’t it about time the curtain was drawn on these faux charitable organizations dressed as modern day charities sucking on the teats of wealth that belongs to others?

Britney is free. A Los Angeles judge has ended the conservatorship that has controlled Britney Spears’ life and money for nearly 14 years.

Source: Britney Spears’ conservatorship terminated