Kevin Rudd: Voter-ID laws are an assault on our democracy

Kevin Rudd

While there is no voter fraud in Australia it seems Morrison and the LNP are for Voter Suppression and hope that non-compulsory voting can be introduced to change our Democratic system sufficiently, and alter the playing field in their favor. They have been working on ridding Australia of the ABC and all the fail-safe mechanisms that we are most admired for among the world’s  Democracies when it comes to voting.. The LNP is a coalition of minority parties Nationals and Liberals with Labor actually getting the majority votes. If the Liberals could suppress votes and rid the country of the publicly owned broadcaster  they believe they could improve their voting status and gain seats in their own right. The Republicans in the US are doing it and so our unimaginative Liberals have  fallen into line not just diminishing but ridding us of our Democractic systems,why? Because with the backing of money, media, and voter suppression they believe they’d never lose and could form an Autocracy. Democracy only exists if parties accept their loss and governments act for those all citizens even those that voted against them.

Scott Morrison’s plan to introduce US-style “voter ID” laws for Australian elections represents a stealth assault on compulsory voting that will radicalize our politics and stop ordinary working families from exercising their sacred right to vote.

Source: Kevin Rudd: Voter-ID laws are an assault on our democracy

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