War With France Is Inevitable, And Other Obvious Things That Morrison Will Soon Say! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

No, it’s all been about whether we let the French know. And this is where the old Morrison MO comes into play. The initial response when things go wrong is that it’s someone else’s fault.

“I tried to ring but Macron didn’t take the call.” (Nobody told me or somebody else didn’t do the right thing. Think Brittany Higgins or the vaccines not arriving as early as promised.) Then,

it wasn’t my fault, but we’ll work it out and I’ll contact them and we’ll have a bit of a natter and it’ll all be ok. (Think Brittany Higgins again.)

If neither of these works, we may need Phil Gaetjens who works for the PM to launch an independent inquiry. Of course, by “independent” we don’t mean independent of the PMO, we mean independent of actually telling anyone else what he discovered or independent of actually asking anyone who might know anything.

(And again) Finally, background against the person or start an argument about some minor detail in the whole fiasco.

You’ll notice that we’ve hit that last point with the French president in the past day or so. Biden may have said that it was “clumsy” but we’ll just ignore that and create the distraction of accusing the President of knowing and, by the way, has he forgotten about the war and how we helped. Ungrateful foreigner! He’s slandered all Australians by calling me a liar.

Yes, this is Morrison using diplomacy to repair the relationship. No, not the one with France. That’s basically stuffed and, even though he’s risking any free trade agreement with the EU, he’ll double down and up the rhetoric because – just as he did with China – the issue isn’t getting a good outcome, the issue is ensuring that he’s in an election winning position.

He hasn’t suggested that war with France is inevitable, but I guess that’ll be Dutton’s job as Defence Minister.

Source: War With France Is Inevitable, And Other Obvious Things That Morrison Will Soon Say! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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