Scott Morrison says ‘g’day’ to Emmanuel Macron as pair cross paths

An overeager PM not really a cool dude gatecrashed Macron’s conversation and then ducked any “reporter’s” questions about what Biden said about awkward AUKUS. Intent on Australian media reporting what a “cool” guy he really is Morrison took control and somehow did the opposite. Remember when he tried to force a handshake on a woman who refused after the bushfires and that old guy who told him to “fuck off”. That’s Morrison no sense of what’s really going on.

“I said g’day, I said g’day,” Mr Morrison told reporters. “He was having a chat to someone, I went up and just put my arm on his shoulder and just said ‘g’day, Emmanuel,’ and ‘look forward to catching up over the next couple of days.’ “That’s the way these events tend to work and he was happy to exchange those greetings.”

Note nobody bothered to ask what Macron thought of the intrusion. But “that’s the way promotions and Fake News works at these events” Note  Morrison is his own reporter describing to  us what’s going on and he’s in a rush to get his message across. A sure sign he hasn’t a clue and it all a ” PR act ”

“The only photographs of the meeting were those taken by the Prime Minister’s own photographer, Adam Taylor.”

Now is that a coincidence or arranged by Morrison or was Macron was ambushed? They don’t call Morrison Mr Photoshoot for nothing.

Source: Scott Morrison says ‘g’day’ to Emmanuel Macron as pair cross paths

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