Independent media: a fight for its survival – » The Australian Independent Media Network

This government is intent on changing the “principle” of the unbiased and independant nature of the ABC, UNHRC, Our Media, The Public Service, Education and Judicial Systems, fundamentally all our cultural institutions by placing the favored persons to head them. Their intent is to totally change the nature and the meaning of ” The Separation Powers” as intended and written into our Constitution. It won’t be long before they will be arguing against Compulsory Voting and the appointed management of our election processes. Their each and every step has been edging towards countering the notion of any bipartisan representative Democratic system. Their intent replacing it with a One-party State modeled on the current  Republican Plan in America which is edging to and learning from what Hungary has successfully achieved. Is it just a coincidence Freydenberg has Hungarian roots one wonders?

Amendments to the Federal Treasurer’s media bargaining code will be tabled in the New Year. In a nutshell, if passed, it will mean that in Australia, Facebook and Google can only publish articles from the Murdoch media, Kerry Stokes media, and Fairfax/Channel 9. Basically, it will ensure that the voices of independent (or dissenting) media is muffled in the lead-up to the next election. Approximately 30 online media sites and rural newspapers have joined together to fight this. There are a number of steps we need to take, with the first being an e-Petition submitted to the Parliament of Australia: Petition EN3530 – Designate Google & Facebook to support public interest journalism, as shown below:

Source: Independent media: a fight for its survival – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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