Government still holding Australia back in global broadband ranking

Abbott told us FIBRE wasn’t NEEDED in his NOPE NOPE NOPE campaign and handed TURNBULL the poison chalice to put it in place so he wouldn’t be blamed neat politics, hey! However, a fucked up government service to Australia

Australia has a fibre penetration of just 21.7% out of a total of 9.1 million broadband subscriptions at 25th position, below the OECD average of 30.56% fibre penetration. If NBN Co’s 900K FTTC lines were defined as fibre, that percentage would rise to nearly 32% and 18th position. New Zealand fared much better, posting a 60.1% fibre penetration rate and 8th position. Austria, Belgium, Chile, Ireland, Israel and the United Kingdom all increased their fibre connections by more than 50% in 2020. In more and more OECD countries, most broadband connections are now fibre, with the share of fibre in total broadband above 50% in Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway and Portugal, exceeding 70% in Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Sweden.

Source: Government still holding Australia back in global broadband ranking

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