Government and media misinformation making the pandemic tougher

As long as profit is the driving force of our MSM and Truth, a dispensible sideshow, the battle against the pandemic, climate change, economic injustice, and for our democratic unity will not be just tougher but will continue to be a planned political strategy.

Malevolent fringe groups, smelling blood on the periphery, seek to prey on the confused, reaching out to them when no one else will. This all takes place on a stage set by a corporate entity that has no care for the damage it leaves behind. How we choose to perceive, navigate and communicate this social crisis will have a bearing on the outcomes of our communities and determine the future state of our national harmony. Why is it on the population to bear the burden of these considerations? Without a national message and guidance, without a press willing or able to talk truth to power, Australians are left to fend for themselves in a murky maelstrom of misinformation and political self-interest.

Source: Government and media misinformation making the pandemic tougher