Corrupting democracy — we need to say “FIN”

Morrison’s reliance on Private MainStream Media to not to keep repeating his history of failing to act, to act solely in his political interest, to repeatedly misinform and not do his job has been the mainstay of his self-serving approach to government. He holds the media’s purse strings and Murdoch, Costello, Stokes, Ch10, and WiNN know it. Murdoch has the biggest private grip on as a paid influencer and is intent on getting the biggest portion of the LNPs budget.

A political party with the sole purpose of eradicating Federal Government corruption has been registered in time for the next election, but may not make it to the starting gate. Investigations editor Ross Jones reports.THIS WEEK, the Morrison Government provided new proof – if any was still required – that Australia needs to police its politicians.

Source: Corrupting democracy — we need to say “FIN”