Victoria ‘unlikely’ to eliminate Delta as PM backs NSW on reopening

Premier Daniel Andrews on Saturday announced a lockdown for regional Victoria.

We are living in Alice’s Wonderland of political flips and flops NSW and Morrison are now “leading” the way on Covid and case numbers are “no longer Relevant”. We are supposed to now believe Morrison and Berejiklian’s Liberals are brilliant, leading the way, while Andrews and McGowan are fools. 70% of adults vaccinated which mind you is actually only 50% of Australians and Covid will be deemed “just another flu. That’s now the LNP/Johnson-defined man-made yardstick never mind the virus.

The federal government-backed in NSW’s stance on Saturday and said it could reopen on its current vaccination targets, regardless of daily cases numbers and despite push back from other states.

Source: Victoria ‘unlikely’ to eliminate Delta as PM backs NSW on reopening