Laura Ingraham Confronts the Core Problem for Capitalism

Laura Ingraham, host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel, at the American Conservative Union's Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, MD, 2019.

“The government is literally putting anvils, in many ways, on people’s shoulders, either through the mandates, regulations, and now through free money,” Ingraham said to her guest, reality TV host Jon Taffer. “If we are not causing people to be hungry to work, then we’re providing them with all the meals they need sitting at home,” Taffer agreed. “These benefits make absolutely no sense to us.” Capitalism has been grappling with this problem for hundreds of years, but as history and Ingraham show, the answer now is the same as it’s always been: The laboring classes must be forced into circumstances in which they must work or starve.

Source: Laura Ingraham Confronts the Core Problem for Capitalism