Sky News Australia to face Senate inquiry after week-long YouTube suspension | Kevin Rudd | The Guardian

News Corp Australia journalist Sharri Markson on Fox News attacking YouTube’s suspension of Sky News Australia. Sky News Australia is to face a Senate inquiry as Kevin Rudd calls for media watchdog to take tougher line on broadcaster.

Tucker Carlson and Sharri Markson on Fox News Sharri Markson says YouTube suspension of Sky News Australia is ‘cancellation of free speech’  Markson and Carlson are both paid Murdochians. Well paid, millionaires in fact but nevertheless still simply workers working for the billionaire and claiming they’re “fair and balanced” (ODT)

Rudd told Acma that claims broadcast on Sky included: “Covid-19 is not a pandemic; the vaccinated are more likely to die than the unvaccinated; hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are proven, safe treatments for Covid-19; the medical profession are concealing these treatments from the public for political purposes and face masks do not inhibit the spread of Covid-19.” “While it is unrealistic to believe that we can ever stamp out misinformation, especially in the age of social media, it is especially alarming that so much of this content has been crafted and distributed by the country’s largest media company, News Corporation, principally through Murdoch’s Sky News,” Rudd wrote.“Freedom of expression is essential to the functioning of our democracy, but Australians expect that opinions will have a reasonable basis in fact.” The Guardian has approached Sky News Australia for comment. Hanson-Young said she wanted to ask the media watchdog why the spread of misinformation wasn’t allowed on the internet but appeared to be OK on TV. “G

Source: Sky News Australia to face Senate inquiry after week-long YouTube suspension | Kevin Rudd | The Guardian