The Politics of Vaccines Might Cost Republicans the Midterms | Washington Monthly

It seems almost obscene to be considering the politics of vaccines given the grave danger posed by the ongoing COVID pandemic to public health. The Delta variant is ripping through the country at an alarming rate, mostly posing severe threat to the unvaccinated but with a disturbingly high breakthrough frequency among the vaccinated as well. Florida has reported 21,683 new Covid cases today alone–a devastating indictment of Governor DeSantis’ refusal to take the pandemic seriously. But tackle the politics we must, because so much of the country’s failure to control the Covid pandemic from the start has been due to Republican political calculations. Then-president Donald Trump didn’t want to take the necessary steps to control the pandemic because he was afraid they might spook the stock market and cost him re-election. They further cynically calculated that Covid would affect people in cities and blue states the most, and that both the demographic devastation and electoral pain of the pandemic would be born by Democratic constituencies and blue state governors. The recall against California Governor Gavin Newsom was driven by conservative outrage over school closures and lockdowns

Source: The Politics of Vaccines Might Cost Republicans the Midterms | Washington Monthly

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