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All these Labs aren’t in China. Just how many secrets does this government refuse to reveal? Timor Leste is just one that comes to mind. Morrison is hardly promoting an in-principle argument here that he abides by.


Scott Morrison’s support for President Biden’s assertion that there is an urgent need to bolster and accelerate efforts to identify the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and further that there is a need to ensure that the World Health Organization is independent and invested with stronger surveillance powers, seems on the face of it more than reasonable. Is it?

But nonetheless, the lab scenario should worry us. Governments around the world operate labs that create and study viruses. One could claim that this is a disinterested pursuit of scientific knowledge but somehow, I doubt that funding such research is motivated by lofty altruistic motives. The laboratories working on various biohazardous research are graded from 1-4 according to their potential risk. Fifty or so laboratories worldwide come into category 4. Category 4 laboratories are highly regulated and often top-secret establishments. One cannot help but infer from that level of secrecy that governments fund that research out of their defense budgets.

Source: COVID-19 origin: a search or a witch hunt? – » The Australian Independent Media Network