‘War on woke’ pits corporate elites against conservative politicians

Culture war warriors don’t need to look at data. Their problem they aren’t just ‘alternative facts’

It was a remarkable day in politics when assistant attorney general Amanda Stoker, personally intervened to have ‘anti-racism’ removed from an Australian Human Rights Commission tender. She worried the term was associated with Critical Race Theory. Stoker had no beef with the idea that racism is something Australians should be against. So why oppose a theory that seeks to understand and address racism at a systemic level? The problem appeared to be that this theory is beholden to the bogeyman of the ‘woke revolution’. This incident reflects a growing political engagement in a ‘war on woke’ in Australia. The call to arms is issued from the bastions of right-wing conservatism. Sky News leads the way in claiming that every progressive cause, from climate action to anti-racism to feminism, signals a capitulation to woke ‘lefty lunacy’. Scott Morrison was not far behind when he attacked identity politics. All of this malarkey about gender, race and sexuality undermines morality, freedom and the Australian way, he proselytized.

Source: ‘War on woke’ pits corporate elites against conservative politicians

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