Former trade minister Andrew Robb advocating magic mushroom therapy

When his daily pile of antidepressant pills stopped working, former Liberal Party director and trade minister Andrew Robb began researching psychedelic therapy as an option to send his depression into remission. “In wanting to do it myself, take advantage of it, I have tried to explore what it actually does. And there’s no doubt that it is quite well agreed that it increases the activity in the brain,” Mr Robb told 7.30. The irony of a conservative advocating currently illegal “shroom” or ecstasy therapy is not lost on him. “I understand that because it had such a bad rap in the 60s, the misuse of these drugs for recreational purposes had a very bad effect,” he said. Mr Robb is advocating for “limited amounts [to be] available for the medical profession to use in a controlled medical situation to alleviate mental health diseases”.

Former trade minister Andrew Robb advocating magic mushroom therapy