“Stolen Election” is the New “Birtherism” | Washington Monthly

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Claiming that the election was a Democratic “power grab” financed by (of course) George Soros, Gingrich threw a bone to anti-Semites in the Republican base. He concluded that “it is very hard for me to understand how we [Democrats and Republicans] are going to work together,” which is really his point. This is all pretext for massive resistance to anything President Biden tries to do. The plan is to deny Biden legitimacy. Right-wing media will give Republicans cover to maintain the lie by obsessing about “investigations” and “reports” of a “stolen election.” Meanwhile, GOP voters will encourage them while failing to hold their leaders accountable for refusing to govern. That strategy worked pretty well for Republicans during the Obama presidency. With a few tweaks, they’re teeing it up once again.

“Stolen Election” is the New “Birtherism” | Washington Monthly