Under cover of COVID there’s been troubling news about tyranny’s rise

Illustration: Andrew Dyson

Hartcher seems to use the Swedish and Freedom House studies as an opportunity to focus yet again on China as the worlds worst regime. When one could have easily have said China has done more than any other country to deregulate and allow it’s citizens freedoms and conditions they never previously had. Where as we are increasingly being surveilled and our privacy shredded like never before. China has educated, extended the life expectancy housed and provided work for more of it’s citizens can we say the same? We can’t even say we are proud of the social metrics that indicate we have improved the lives of Australia’s Indigenous people the most incarcerated people not just in Australia but the world. (ODT)

One of the things that slipped by unnoticed this year was some troubling news about the state of democracy. While the world was busy with the pandemic, a Swedish research group published its annual study of the health of democracy worldwide.The topmost countries in the Varieties of Democracy report are Denmark, Estonia and Sweden. Australia ranks the 14th freest nation, the US No. 36 and China 174th out of 179. The only countries ranked lower are among the world’s hell holes of suffering and repression – Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea and North Korea. Australia turns out to be a beacon of liberty in a darkening world. But the metatrend towards illiberalism means that even the freest countries need to work on renewing their democracies.

Under cover of COVID there’s been troubling news about tyranny’s rise

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