The good times with China are over. Get used to it

Security trumps prosperity in international politics.

Switzer seems to have ignored totally the sudden origins of the current hostilities. The benefit it has for Trump’s American domestic politics. How the LNP has dependantly fallen into step behind Trump and How Murdoch and our media have amplified a state of affairs as was done in the 60’s to take us into a real and physical war Vietnam one we should have ignored.

China certainly hasn’t been proactive but understandably reactive to it’s sovereign right to progress (ODT)

The Sino-American rivalry is likely to be the defining feature of international relations in the century ahead and it’s mainly going to take place in our neighbourhood. This is not a welcome development by any means, but it is our future.Why can’t our leaders just repair relations with China? If only Canberra toned down its rhetoric, restored a dialogue and rebuilt trust with Beijing, all would be well. Instead, the federal government needlessly provokes our largest trade partner by implementing foreign interference laws, rejecting the Huawei 5G network bid, and calling for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus.

The good times with China are over. Get used to it

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