Senior Liberal MP denounces ‘totalitarian’ Chinese rule on secret tape

Senior government MP Kevin Andrews on a Zoom call talking about China.

The LNP since the 50’s have assisted in the deaths of 1 million Indonesians morally supporting the downfall of the Soekarno Government. Followed the US blindly into Vietnam to kill and to lose and stop nothing. Now they are sabre rattling again. Can they only rule by fear paranoia division and social control? Morrison on about National Security ” Cant’ talk about that” secrecy and Australia First.
They know how to bully and fight but not how to govern. They’ll readily share their fuck ups like aged care and the take the generosity. But deny that their Branch Stacking was the same .
Social investment and progress have largely been seen only at the hands of the ALP. Health, Education and Social Welfare would have remained a backwater if left to god bothering Christians like Kevin Andrews and Tony Abbott now it’s in the hands of an evangelical like Morrison. Does Australia really need another war for the sake of their political must win at all cost game. We pay them for service not to service us. (ODT)

Liberal Party elder and former defence minister Kevin Andrews has launched a savage attack on the Chinese government in a private party forum, saying President Xi Jinping was running “the most complete totalitarian regime that we’ve seen probably on the face of this earth”.

Senior Liberal MP denounces ‘totalitarian’ Chinese rule on secret tape

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