Clean air is a human right our government chooses to ignore

The notion of a “common good” was denied after the 70’s and the idea of ‘we’ was thrown overboard for ‘me’ and we certainly have felt it today. The common good was increasingly stamped out smothered by the pollution of the idea that self interest is what improves the world we live in. I may have been a lucky one but at 74 that can’t be said of the majority of my generation and for the ones that came later. Luck, good or bad, merit good or bad had little to do with the patterns of institutional behaviours and so called irrational economic systems we created. Short term benefits maybe have been come about but long term pain a certainty when maintaining the SYSTEM. Today you will see massive money being bet on the stockmarket against Australia’s overvalued retail Malls not for them. Money against Private Aged Care and yet this government insists on privatising everything and handing the barbarians oligarchs the key to the nation.(ODT)

The Federal Government will continue to deny Australians the right to clean air as long as it stays partnered with the fossil fuel industry, writes Dr David Shearman.

Clean air is a human right our government chooses to ignore