‘What is going on?’ RMIT staff irked by research hub’s links to rightwing thinktank | Australia news | The Guardian

RMIT University in Melbourne

Staff at RMIT University have expressed concern about the level of funding flowing to its blockchain research body and the links it shares with the Institute of Public Affairs. The Blockchain Innovation Hub has received about $6m from RMIT and benefitted from hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding from the federal government since it was launched in September 2017. Five of its 15 staff are either current or former fellows of the Institute of Public Affairs, a rightwing, free-market thinktank. The hub aims to be a global research leader in blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. One aspect of its research examines how blockchain can be used to transform government, including services, regulation and other interactions with non-government entities. Its researchers have helped guide the Australian government’s approach to blockchain through the National Blockchain Roadmap. The Blockchain Innovation Hub is co-directed by Christopher Berg, who is an IPA fellow. The other co-director is Jason Potts, who was previously an IPA fellow but has no ongoing role. Tim Wilson helped IPA and solicited Liberal party endorsement while in human rights position Read more Sinclair Davidson, another researcher with the hub, is also currently an adjunct fellow at the IPA. Other members of the hub include Aaron Lane and Darcy Allen, both of whom were former fellows at the IPA, but have no ongoing formal roles with the organisation. IPA fellows are not paid and the position is honorary in nature.

‘What is going on?’ RMIT staff irked by research hub’s links to rightwing thinktank | Australia news | The Guardian

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