Liberal and Labor leaders must respond to ‘cancerous’ branch stacking

Prominent Liberals Michael Sukkar and Marcus Bastiaan have become embroiled in claims of branch stacking.

If one considers the LNP to be better fighters because they have the IPA, Murdoch and money behind them does that mean they are better governors and organizers than the ALP? Australia would still be a backwater nation corporately owned more than it is now if it weren’t for the ALP. Unfortunately the privatization of everything has resulted in the dysfunction we are witnessing to day in our institutional inability to deal with eithet COVID and Climate Change. The battle for the common good is weakened by the neoliberal institutions we have inherited. (ODT)

August 25, 2020 — 11.59pm View all comments Branch stacking is one of the most unedifying, if not sordid, features of Australian politics. It is a fundamental tool of the factions evident in both Labor and the LNP. Labor has been at it longer, and is better at it. Indeed, Labor factions are more structured, disciplined and effective – LNP factions are more amateurish and aspirational.

Liberal and Labor leaders must respond to ‘cancerous’ branch stacking

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