The world may be paying the price for Wuhan’s bungling bureaucrats

Workers line up for a test at a large factory in Wuhan.

The media continues to scapegoat China about a pandemic in nature as if China caused the spread of the disease in the UK and USA and what lays ahead. The Plague killed 50% of the world’s population, The Spanish flu (not Spanish more than the two world wars. The German measles weren’t German. Natural disasters happen the blame cast for them simply hides realities we refuse to admit to.

Covid-19 illustrates the difference social and political systems make when facing a universal existential threats. Nicola Smith’s article misses the point entirely. Science might make mistakes but what is done with those errors amplifies something else altogether.The success and/or failure of our management skills and our ability to work together. China, Cuba, Denmark Norway have managed Covid-19 far better than the USA,UK,Spain and Brazil. The plague was followed by the Renaissance and entirely new ways of thinking enlightenment. Will the same follow now? (ODT)


Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news but in the case of local health officials in Wuhan, their reticence in coming forward with the truth in January may have been a decisive factor in allowing the coronavirus to inflict global havoc.

The world may be paying the price for Wuhan’s bungling bureaucrats