The need to make changes

The Covid workplace revolution. 64070.jpeg

The collective and global responsibility for now and the future

Until then, landlords have a decision to make. Make it easy for the tenant and hope that eventually you will get some income, or evict the tenant who is not paying as soon as you can? Since we are all in this together, since the conversation today is not about politics or countries bombing others, we all have a collective responsibility to help each other out.

This does not mean only during this crisis, it means way beyond it, adjusting to a new reality and a new way of thinking, globally. This means that governments have a global responsibility to set things which were veering dangerously close to the precipice, right.

There is no doubt that a dramatic reduction in the evil consequences of human activity has seen the environment recover dramatically and this is a lesson that nature has taught us. Another lesson is the trade in wildlife and the destruction of habitats, which are natural reservoirs for viruses. Imagine something like MERS (a cousin of Covid’s), another Betacoronavirus also having bats as its vector, with a mortality rate of not 3.4% but rather 34%. Thank God Covid has not (yet) learnt how to behave like its cousin, but what if there are even worse horrors out there lurking in the forests?

Nature has also taught us that if we pull together and share knowledge, instead of glaring at each other down the barrel of a gun, we can make a difference for the better. Nice words? Maybe but let’s put nice words into practice. Time for action.

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