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I listen to the ABC news and comment programs and note that they employ an increasing number of conservatives including former politicians, like Amanda Vanstone.

Yet conservatives as a whole continue to accuse the ABC of left-wing bias!

And because it is so obvious that the ABC is not offering exclusively left wing opinions, those who are firmly left-wing in their personal beliefs, see the ABC now as becoming right-wing!

It is a crazy situation when each side of politics demands balance in their national broadcaster, and, when they get it, interpret it as bias!

It is worse than crazy, it is dangerous, when that results in the government effectively introducing strong right-wing bias into media, by cutting funds to the ABC and giving funds to blatantly right-wing Murdoch media outlets.

You have to ask yourself – how, in a democracy, can this be seen as legitimate? – particularly when that same government is passing increasingly dictatorial legislation which reduces our freedoms.

Not a good look from a government with so slim a majority!

No wonder they do not want Parliament to be sitting and discussing the government’s flawed program!

via Bias and balance – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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