Australia removes climate ‘crisis’ from Pacific islands draft declaration | World news | The Guardian

Scott Morrison at the Pacific Islands Forum in Funafuti, Tuvalu

Australia’s Shame Our LNP Government ignores the Knowledge Data and Science and simply change the narrative. It did the same with Asylum Seekers and has redefined thos arriving by boat as”illegals” It has shamed this country as much as the White Australia Policy once did. Removing “climate change Crisis” from the Pacificislands draft declaration along with coal doesn’t change the data or facts but shows Australia is in the business of ideologically politicizing the document to conveniently denying the science and disregarding the lives of the people of the pacific. This government since 2013 has been increasingly distancing itself from our region even NZ and becoming a state of America. The LNP has significantly opened the door to China with their unconcerned approach on the Pacific. (ODT)

“Tuvalu’s prime minister, Enele Sopoaga, told Guardian Australia at a dawn fishing trip on Thursday in the lead-up to the leaders’ retreat that it looked as though Pacific leaders would not be successful in getting the language of “climate change crisis” in the communique, with the draft most likely to describe the current situation as a “climate change reality”.

Australia has succeeded in removing all but one reference to coal on the draft communique of the Pacific Islands Forum, and is expected to be able to get that removed on Thursday as Pacific leaders including Scott Morrison meet to debate the text.

Sources familiar with the negotiations on the communique, which is used for regional policy making, told Guardian Australia that Australia has been working hard during negotiations to soften the language on climate change and has succeeded in many mentions.

via Australia removes climate ‘crisis’ from Pacific islands draft declaration | World news | The Guardian