Nigel Farage calls Turnbull a ‘snake’ at conservative talk fest


Brexit leader Nigel Farage at the CPAC conference in Sydney.

The biggest snakes in the room were the number of Rupert Murdoch affiliated employee from the UK,USA and Australia that not just made up the speakers but also the attendees in the room along with the members of the the LNP IPA and Menzies Center. This is a nest of vipers united globally by a toxic and fascist media organisation run by Rupert Murdoch. (ODT)

As far as hiding snakes go Farage admitted to hiding  “Asked if it (CPAC) is a nationalist movement, Mr Farage said he preferred the term “nationist”, given the ugly connotations of “nationalist”.

Nigel Farage won the largest burst of applause of the morning at a conservative political conference in Sydney on Saturday for describing Malcolm Turnbull as a “snake” who had “hijacked” the Liberal Party.

Mr Farage, leader of Britain’s Brexit Party and formerly leader of the UK Independence Party, was at the second day of the inaugural CPAC Australia, organised as the first local partnership of the powerful annual Conservative Political Conference in the United States. He said the event, set to return next year, was evidence that the broad conservative movement he represents was rising around the world.

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