Christchurch shooting accused Brenton Tarrant’s path to white-bred terrorism

Brenton Tarrant's social media avatar.

 Christchurch shooting accused Brenton Tarrant’s path to white-bred terrorism

In an Australian town population of less than 20,000, Grafton skews a little older, a little poorer and significantly whiter than is the average for Australia, with 87 per cent of its residents born in the country.population of less than 20,000,

Tarrant became influenced by the ultra-right cultural messaging found on social media and even the legitimate world ” The virus that exists needs to be distinguished from those fully infected by it. Andrew Bolt is certainly a carrier and influencer

Bannon told American journalist Joshua Green, author of the book Devil’s Bargain. “… You can activate that army. They come in through GamerGate or whatever and then get turned on to politics and Trump.” In Australia the likes of the UPF and Reclaim Australia spring to mind.

One rich topic of discussion by their infected racist members is “replacement theory”; the Identitarian notion of “white” displacement by our Immigration policies. In its American guise, the “invaders” are characterised as either Latin American or Muslim. The type of ideas promoted in Australia by the likes of Andrew Bolt against Muslims, Africans who makes people like Lauren Southern welcome in Australia and defends her Identarian and  Replacement Theory conspiracies.


“clues about how his( Tarrant) politics were developing, and how his online and real-life travels were converging. In 2016, he commented on Facebook with a post in support of Blair Cottrell, the Australian who led the anti-Islam white nationalist United Patriots Front (UPF).  Bolt constantly provided legitimacy to these promoters of division and hate telling Australia like Trump that their movements were filled with “nice people”, and he still does it regularly inviting them on his shows and speaking of them as if they were true “patriots”. Antifa is the real enemy, according to Bolt in his otherwise wholesome White Western and Christian Australia. “Communists will get what communists get, I would love to be there holding one end of the rope when you get yours, traitor,” he wrote to Cottrell’s critics. Cottrell later told the ABC that he didn’t know Tarrant, but confirmed the UPF had received a donation from someone in that name.” Like-minded thinkers, it would seem.

After Barcelona Bolt reflected and called to arms Christians who he called “gutless” lacked the conviction of the suicidal jihadis to fight back. A conviction he wrote and said in many ways he admired. In the likes of the UPF and other groups ready to fight back. All these were soundbites put out in the Murdoch Press and Sky News politicising and defining what is normal in Australia. Bolt promoted “shitposting in the form of Milo, Cartoonist Bill Leek, and as Tarrant said ” “For now we appeal to the anger and the black comedic nature of the present, but eventually we will need to show the warmth and genuine love we have for our people.”. Bolt certainly tried out his own efforts publicly when he mocked the likes of the South Sudanese for running a community Beauty Contest on an IPA podcast. Or his the defence of those that calling Adam Goodes an Ape. For, Bolt it was just a good old Aussie joke no harm intended. But in, fact it is part of the racist virus that had totally infected Tarrant, and a contagion Bolt carried and helped spread. Yes, like Trump, he’s a Racist who influences and provides the fertile ground for some to become fully infected.

It’s not as if it wasn’t recognised either, because Bolt was after all convicted under our RDA Act Section 18&19 and found guilty of racial vilification. Bolt might not be as infected to the degree that the Christchurch shooter was, but he’s undoubtedly a carrier that helps spread that contagion.


Others like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t explain it more clearly We shouldn’t ask is Trump a Racist? Is Bolt one and is News Corp a Racist organisation? They all are and carriers spreading the disease.

‘I don’t want to hear the question ‘is this president racist?’ anymore. He is.’ — @AOC held nothing back while condemning Trump for using the language of white supremacy


“There is a difference between white supremacists & white supremacy. White supremacy is like a virus. Supremacists are those who have been completely overcome by the disease, but supremacy – the virus – exists on a larger scale beyond just the infected. It also lays dormant.

White supremacy is often subconscious. & Clearly, our nation has not been inoculated. WS is our nation’s original sin; the driving logic of slavery, of Native genocide, of Jim Crow, of segregation, of mass incarceration, of “Send Her Back.” It never went away.

Healing ourselves of white supremacy will be hard. It will be hard because it requires us to confront *ourselves.* We wish it were as simple as denouncing a white hood, a burnt cross, vile language. But we need to address where supremacy *begins,* not just where it ends.

Perhaps more than the obvious last steps of the supremacist, we must examine the nuance of their first steps. That is a painful inquiry, bc for many, we may see familiarity in those first steps. And that familiarity is very difficult to see + admit. We’d rather not talk about it.

Recognizing white supremacy in ourselves – our institutions, our subconscious, our own past remarks or acts (no matter how consciously unintentional), is what makes the healing work ahead challenging. But it is not impossible, and confronting it is the only way to move forward.


What this moment is asking of us is to discuss *white supremacy and racism* as much – or possibly more than – *white supremacists and racists.* When we do that, I believe we will start to make progress.
But it is incredibly important that we recognize that perfectly normal, good people are capable of aiding racism & white supremacy. Recognizing that it is not about pillorying people. It’s about learning to recognize *the virus* & end an oppressive system designed to hurt us *all.*”