‘Lebanese gang’ bungle: Police apologise to man injured in Fitzroy arrest


5-6 “heavily armed police” really fucked up and it’s not the first time. This squad seems to have made quite a habit of injuring innocent people while not doing anything about apprehending guilty ones. They seem to enjoy breaking bones. They will now be “investigated” by none other than the police in “fairness to the members”. Why have the police pointed to the “Lebanese community as if that is sufficient explanation rather than just a “gang” of Australians. Has racial or ethnic profiling become an explanation or an excuse for the use of such violent apprehension methods?  No doubt they will take their time about it and maybe when the heat and light have been taken off this very, now public issue, they will try to mitigate the reality of what occurred to be “fair” to those members involved leaving an injured citizen having to fight legally for his rights to compensation. For some citizens that process has taken years with the state turning it’s back altogether. Will the Police raise restisting arrest charges against Nik D to protect themselves? These officers haven’t even been suspended while being investigated. (ODT)

http://Victim of mistaken arrest undergoes surgery as lawyers called in