Bernie Sanders is a millionaire socialist. Does it matter?

Not apologising: Senator Bernie Sanders speaks during a Fox News town-hall style event.

But it has been an uncomfortable moment for Sanders, forcing him to speak about himself rather than systemic problems in American society.

He’s discovering that the shift from underdog to frontrunner comes with a catch: increased scrutiny. It’s a price Sanders will have to pay for the right to take on Donald Trump in 2020.( Matthew Knott Ch9)

What a load of hypocritical bullshit this is on the part of the Ch9 writer for The AGE Matthew Knott. It’s what you can expect from Murdoch Inc, and we will hear for a long time to come as an attack on Burnie Sanders.

However, individuals don’t choose their position in the Capitalist social system so readily it selects them in most cases. I’m an Australian millionaire and a Socialist. I believe it makes Sanders and I reasoned rather than just emotionally selfish because we know where we stand in the grand scheme of things. Sanders and I aren’t the exceptions nor do we need to be destitute, to be honest. To be able to recognise a rigged system for what it is and not support it is being educated. Education is something Capitalism has commoditised and is fast removing critical thinking from its curriculums.

We don’t believe in Charity and therefore have no need to give money away frivolously on bandaid causes. That too is the Capitalist promise of the trickle-down economic solution to everything rather than the taxing one so commoditising Charity as well.

AOC, Ilhan Omar is currently young Democrats and left-wing Socialists in Congress. Capitalism will if it continues on its current path will make them millionaires but not hypocrites or never Mother Theresas. They see a broader problem as does Sanders the American system.

It’s why the question is a distraction which will be aired by some thinking they are just devils advocates but are more just pushing the barrow helping regressive turn on the emotion rather than the truth of reasoned progress. (ODT)

Bernie Sanders is a millionaire socialist. Does it matter?