EDITORIAL EXCERPT: How to make no friends and influence elections

Remember Abbott No cuts to Health Education and the ABC he simply looked at the cmera and didn’t blink because he knew we’d buy it. Wake up Australia!! (ODT)

Barnaby Joyce expressed the strategy well, in a since deleted tweet this week:

‘There is no umpire in the political debate. There’s no rule book. What you get away with wins.’

Bullying, lying, cheating, smearing — and that’s just what Barnaby did before the last New England by-election, as you would have read here on IA. What an example for the nation — and his children.

As the late Bob Ellis, one of this country’s most lauded journalists, speechwriters, writers, playwrights and auteurs wrote in these pages, just a few years ago, the Right love to win by cheating. And so they do. And usually win.

And with a compliant rightwing mainstream media behind them – more so now Fairfax has been swallowed by Nine – the Right have a chance of deluding the populace into voting against their own interests again. Such is our lot.

 EDITORIAL EXCERPT: How to make no friends and influence elections

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